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Cheap Criminal Lawyers in Fort Worth, TX provide a free consultation, affordable criminal lawyer and cheap criminal defense attorney fees in Fort Worth 817-439-7688.  When you are looking for a cheap criminal lawyer in Fort Worth, TX it’s important that you find a criminal defense lawyer with years of experience also. Obtaining affordable, low-cost and cheap criminal lawyer fees in Fort Worth with one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys can help you facilitate a reduction or dismissal of your criminal charges when applicable.

We are proud to be considered cheap criminal lawyers in Fort Worth because we offer affordable criminal and cheap criminal lawyer fees when compared to many other law firms.  Keep in mind that an attorney who charges $300 to $450 an hour must abide by the same ethical standards required by the State that an attorney who charges only $150 to $250 an hour. Often you will find some of the best lawyers in Fort Worth conducting pro-bono legal work and they are still obligated to provide quality and ethical legal representation to their clients. Our criminal lawyer services are not free and are not pro-bono but we will offer you more affordable and cheap criminal lawyer fees in Fort Worth when compared to many other criminal defense lawyers.

One of the most serious field of law is criminal, covering hundreds of violations of the law that, unfortunately, are committed every day. You can lose your freedom to come and go as you are now where by you can be jailed for day or even life when applicable. Our cheap criminal lawyers in Fort Worth TX have dealt with an innumerable amount of criminal cases, working diligently and aggressively to protect the rights of the people and represent those in need of skilled and proficient guidance in the court of law. When faced with a criminal charge, you want an experienced attorney by your side that can help to reduce or drop your charges if at all possible. Having a criminal record can quickly destroy a person’s life, making the most essential tasks in life ultimately impossible. Not many employers will hire a convicted felon because employers don’t want to hire a person they believe would cause trouble in their establishment.

There are two types of violations of the law, distinguished by how long the punishment of each would last for. A misdemeanor crime usually constitutes a year or less of incarceration and possibly fines or acts of community service. A felony is much more severe, constituting a punishment of incarceration of a year to a life sentence (and rarely multiple life sentences to ensure that early release is ultimately impossible) as well as large fines and possible acts of community service. A felony also leaves a title on the criminal, labeling him or her as a convicted felon, making it difficult to become employed.


Cheap Criminal Lawyer in Fort Worth TX | Cheap Lawyer Fees

Our cheap criminal lawyer fees or cheap criminal attorney fees in Fort Worth TX combined with years of experience is nice to have when charged with a crime 817-439-7688.  Assault and battery charges are serious charges that can range in what the consequences may be. For example, a threat of assault may be a misdemeanor while an act of assault that caused harsh bodily injury to a police officer may be punishable by a felony and incarceration. Assault with a deadly weapon can be an even more difficult charge to get out of, if that is even an option. Carrying a concealed weapon without a license is a major offense that can also result in severe charges. Our cheap Fort Worth criminal law attorneys are very proficient with cases involving firearms and battery and assault charges. We offer experienced representation with affordable criminal and cheap criminal lawyer fees in Fort Worth TX to fight for your rights.


Cheap Criminal Attorney Fees in Fort Worth TX for drug trafficking charges

Our cheap criminal lawyer fees or cheap criminal attorney fees in Fort Worth TX can allow you to fight for your rights.  Drugs are an increasing problem in today’s society, resulting in charges of possession of a controlled substance as well as drug trafficking. Possession of a controlled substance isn’t as severe as drug trafficking because possession of a controlled substance involves a certain amount of a drug or less, while drug trafficking involves a much larger amount of the drug. Depending on what the drug was and exactly how much of the drug was found usually influences the outcome of the case. Drug diversion programs are available for some in the state of Texas, which is a healthy and beneficial choice for those who are ready to ditch their drug habits and try to ensure a better future for themselves and those around them. Having an experienced and cheap criminal attorney in Fort Worth TX to fight your drug charges is your option to a public defender. Our cheap criminal attorney will aggressively representing you in order to reduce or drop your charges when applicable.


Cheap Criminal Lawyer for Murder and manslaughter in Fort Worth, TX

Cheap lawyer fees in Fort Worth TX for murder and manslaughter allows you to hire an experienced criminal lawyer to fight for your rights.  Being charged for murder or manslaughter can be terrifying for most and those who are innocent, especially if skilled representation isn’t available. Attempted murder and murder are very serious charges that can destroy a person’s future. Our affordable Fort Worth criminal law attorneys offer skilled and proficient representation at a low cost to you, protecting your rights as a human being and making sure your case is carried out correctly and professionally. Call one of our affordable lawyers today for a free consultation, and for an attorney that will work to defend you and your rights in an aggressive and quick manner.


Cheap Criminal Lawyer Fees for Identity Theft and Grand Theft in Fort Worth, TX

Finding an cheap Fort Worth grand theft attorney can allow you to hire a private criminal lawyer. Now you may have the option to hire an experienced lawyer or a court appointed public defender with a massive case load. Another serious charge that our affordable attorneys have dealt with many times is identity theft. Identity theft is when a person steals the identity of another and uses it to avoid certain responsibilities, for material gain, or for another crime. This can potentially ruin the credit and identity of the person who was stolen from, making the charge of identity theft a damaging one.


Cheap “VOP” or Violation of Probation lawyer in Fort Worth, TX

Violation of probation is also a common, involving a person failing to stay within the requirements of their probation agreement or violating the requirements in some way. More charges can branch off of violation of probation, creating a snowball effect for those who commit this action. Our cheap criminal attorneys can aggressively and thoroughly defend you and your rights in the court of law, hoping to reduce or drop your charges, and provide you with excellent representation at a low cost.

Our affordable and cheap Fort Worth criminal attorneys can also help you to expunge your criminal record, permanently destroying your previous criminal history. There are very strict guidelines that allow a person to be eligible to receive an expunging of a criminal history. Contact us for a free criminal lawyer consultation in Fort Worth, TX and see what legal options you may or may not have.