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Cheap DUI Lawyers fight to reduce or dismiss misdemeanor or felony DUI or DWI charges with Affordable DUI and Cheap DUI Lawyer fees 800-234-1345.  Finding a cheap DUI or DWI lawyer or affordable DUI lawyer is very important when looking for an experienced DUI or DWI lawyer. If you have been arrested on a drinking and driving related case you should know that you can be convicted of a DUI or DWI without having a blood alcohol content or BAC equal to what the state deems as driving drunk. Finding an experienced and cheap DUI and DWI lawyer cannot only save you money but can be the difference of being convicted of the charges or having a chance to have your charges reduced or dismissed. In the end is always your choice to fight for the opportunity to keep your record clean from conviction or a second or third conviction.

One of our affordable DUI/DWI attorneys provide cheap DUI/DWI attorney fees to help clients cope with the expenses that you will have when charged. Being charged with a DUI and DWI is a criminal act and even if it’s your first time offense your present and future employment can most definitely be at risk. If you are in a regulated profession where a code of ethics and moral standings may come into play such a charge can be devastating to your career. A DUI or DWI charge can affect careers like a doctor, nurse, attorney, pilot, government officials, police officer, truck driver and many more professions especially professionals who are in high administrative positions.

The severity of penalties both financial and potential jail time can come into play depending on the re-occurrence of a second or third DUI or DWI charge. The severity of penalties will also increase depending on bodily injury and/or death as a result of a DUI or DWI conviction. Hiring a cheap DUI lawyer could be a major game changing decision in the difference between reducing and dismissing your DUI charges whenever applicable.

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Affordable DUI Attorneys offer a free consultation with cheap DUI/DWI lawyer fees to fight your DUI/DWI criminal charges 800-234-1345.  Most people do not think of a DUI charge or DWI charge as a crime but soon realize the severity of the charges when faced with one.  If you have had other criminal charges in the past it is a sobering moment to find out that a drunk driving charge can have a very negative affect on how the courts can and will score your criminal record.  In some cases a DUI/DWI can score a convicted person into a very compromising position when facing jail or prison time.  If you have received a DUI or DWI you will want a DUI/DWI lawyer with experienced and cheap DUI/DWI lawyer fees. There are many reasons why you would want to contact one of our cheap DUI/DWI attorneys when you have been accused arrested of a DUI/DWI. You will want our affordable DUI attorney to see what evidence there is concerning your case and if the stop was conducted legally. You do have rights and if you don’t find out all that you can about your case then we can’t fight for you. Contact us for a free legal consultation at 800-234-1345 to see what legal options and rights you have.