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California and federal laws provide protection for employees at the workplace. An employer is not allowed to discriminate in hiring, promotion or termination based on gender, national origin, race, gender, sexual orientation or religion. If you have been a victim of discrimination, unfair treatment, workplace retaliation, hostile work environment, or sexual harassment, you might be able to pursue legal actions against your employer. Our cheap employment lawyers understand that being terminated from your job could affect you economically and emotionally. We strive to help our clients to achieve the best result. Our cheap employment attorneys in Los Angeles are committed to helping you assert your rights against your employer.

California Meal Break

Under California meal break law, each employee is entitled to a thirty-minute meal break at the end of the fifth hour, if they work over six hours in a day. Failure to receive a meal break prior to the end of the fifth hour is a violation, and the employee is entitled to a premium payment. Often employees are required to clock out and remain at work during their lunch break. This is a violation of California law. Employers are required to pay a premium for each meal break violation. Our cheap employment attorneys in Los Angeles have experience prosecuting cases of meal break violations against California employers. These violations include off-the-clock work during meal breaks, short meal breaks or untimely meal breaks.

California Rest Break

California law requires a ten-minute duty-free rest break for each four hours (or major fraction) worked. If an employee misses a rest break, then the employer must pay a premium for each missed rest break. If you missed your rest break or if your employer made you sign a declaration to waive your rest break, please call our team of cheap employment attorneys today.

CA Overtime Payment

If you work more than 8 hours per day, the employer is supposed to pay you 1.5 times for each hour worked after the eighth hour. If you work more than 10 hours per day, then the employer is supposed to pay double. Often employers try to pay the portion of the time worked after the eighth hour at the same rate as the regular rate. If you did not receive your overtime payment, please call our cheap employment lawyers to discuss your case.

Sexual Harassment:

Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature when the conduct is made as a term or condition of an individual’s employment. Sexual harassment could be quid pro quo, meaning that the employer requires sexual favors as a condition of the employment, and failure to do so will result in termination. The other type of sexual harassment is a hostile work environment. A hostile work environment is created where coworkers or supervisors contribute to an environment of harassment.

In California, the employer remains strictly liable for sexual harassment made by supervisors. “Strictly liable” means that if the harasser is a supervisor or part of the management team, then the employer still remains liable. The employer is also liable for the sexual harassment by another employee, if the employer has knowledge of the sexual harassment.

Our cheap employment attorneys have handled multiple sexual harassment cases in the past and therefore have the knowledge to correctly assess your case.

Off the Clock work:

Off-the-clock work involves the situation where an employee works for the employer after clocking out. This happens when the employee has clocked out from work, or the employee is outside of the place of employment and continues to perform duties benefiting the employer. The employer is responsible for the time that the employee has worked off-the-clock. Failure to reimburse the employee for any time worked off-the-clock is a violation of California wage and hour regulations. If you were required to remain at work after clocking out, or the employer asked you to perform job related activities while outside of the office, then you might have a claim for off-the-clock work. Contact our team of cheap employment attorneys today for a free consultation.


A recent California regulation requires that employers consider all employees working under the direction and supervision of an employer as “W-2” employees rather than as an independent contractor (1099) unless there is a legal exemption. Based on the new statute, AB5, most of the categories of employees previously classified as independent contractors (1099) must be now classified as W-2 employees. This will now require employers to pay taxes and social security contributions. Often, employers would rather not pay the employer’s portion of taxes and consider those working for them as independent contractors. If you have been classified as an independent contractor, you might have a valid claim against your employer. Please contact our team of experienced and cheap employment attorneys today to discuss your case. Our team of cheap employment attorneys will be happy to discuss your case and see whether you have been misclassified from the beginning.

Commission Pay:

If you work based on commission, you are entitled to compensation for making sales or completing tasks. In California, commissions are not classified as discretionary, meaning that an employer cannot withhold your payment as long as you meet the requirements for commission. In addition to commission, all employees are entitled to a base rate of pay. If you have questions regarding your commission, or your Employer failed to pay your base salary, please contact our cheap employment attorneys today for a free consultation.

Pregnancy Discrimination:

Pregnancy discrimination occurs when the employer fires, demotes, fails to promote or lays off an employee by eliminating the employee’s position because of the pregnancy. Pregnancy discrimination includes the scenario where the employer interferes with pregnancy-related disability leave. It also includes all sorts of retaliation based on pregnancy. If you suspect that you have been a victim of pregnancy discrimination, or have been laid off during your pregnancy, please call our team of cheap employment lawyers for a free consultation.