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Cheap Family Law Lawyers in San Antonio TX have a free consultation to provide affordable and cheap family attorney fees in San Antonio 210-202-5722.  Finding cheap family lawyer fees in San Antonio TX is often the goal of those in need of family legal help. If you have received a summons to appear in the family law court or if you want to file an action in the family law court you will most likely will find yourself looking for an experienced and cheap family lawyer in San Antonio, TX. Family law costs can be very expensive so it is understandable that you would like to find an experienced San Antonio, TX family lawyer with cheap divorce attorney fees to represent your family law case. If you find yourself needing to find affordable, low cost or cheap family lawyer fees in San Antonio, TX you can feel comfortable knowing that there are experienced and affordable San Antonio, TX family law attorneys that care.

It is common for people to seek out experienced and cheap family law attorneys in San Antonio, TX after a divorce has been granted and one of the spouses will ask for a modification concerning child support, child timeshare, alimony or spousal support. In some cases a cheap family attorney parent may ask to petition the court’s to relocate a child to another city or state. Unmarried couples with children will also petition the family law court system for child support, timeshare and other family law rights including paternity.


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It is not uncommon for an unmarried man to file a petition with the courts to prove paternity to gain parental rights due to a hostile relationship with the mother of the child. It is also common for an unmarried mother to petition the courts to establish paternity in order to gain child support and other benefits that may be applicable to her within the family law guidelines in Georgia. It is important to remember that once paternity is established the father has the right and privilege to petition to courts for child timeshare and visitation rights when applicable. If paternity needs to be established contact one of our family law attorneys so that we may petition the courts to legally obtain DNA testing in San Antonio, TX. Let one of our cheap family attorneys in San Antonio, TX help you with your paternity petition.


Cheap San Antonio, TX child support modification Lawyer

There are several reasons why a parent would want to change a court ordered child support ruling. Finding a cheap child support modification lawyer in San Antonio, TX with years of experience can be very helpful when trying to modify child support. Below are some of the reasons why a parent may file for a child support modification in San Antonio, TX:

1 A significant change of income by loss of job, increase of pay or decreased hours by either parent.

2 The incarceration of a parent would, of course, be a factor.

3 A significant change of child custody can cause a recalculation of payments as per State guidelines.

4 A significant change either for more or less in child care, healthcare and education to name a few.

It’s always nice to know that the parents can agree on and settle child-support matters outside of court with an attorney and have it presented to the family law court to become legal. When two parents are rational and keep the child’s best interest in mind than a child support modification can be very cheap and healthy for all concerned.


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When you need a cheap family lawyer in San Antonio, TX to modify your child custody or child visitation you will want an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer. There are several reasons why an individual would seek a legal remedy to modify child custody to reduce or increase the amount of time he or she may desire to spend with their child and a few reasons are listed below:

1 A change of a parent’s job hours or location can be a very compelling reason to modify child visitation or child custody privileges when allowed and permitted by family law guidelines.

2 An unfavorable change in the child’s environment due to a parent’s lifestyle that may be deemed unhealthy or illegal.

3 The ability to provide a stable environment for a child.

4 Depending on the age of the child; the preference of the child’s desire to live with the parent.

Regardless of the reason a cheap San Antonio, TX family law attorney can represent you in your efforts to modify child custody based on Georgia’s family law guidelines.


Cheap Alimony Attorney in San Antonio, TX

When alimony has been court ordered by a judge and recorded, the only way to change this legal action is to file for an alimony or spousal support modification in San Antonio, TX family law court. Finding an experienced and cheap family law attorney with years of alimony experience is always good to find. There are several reasons why a person would want to modify alimony but whenever the question of alimony modification comes into play it is best to consult an San Antonio, TX alimony lawyer for advice. The desire to modify alimony may be based on a change of income, residential cohabitation, change of marriage status, mutual agreement and various other reasons that are dictated by family law guidelines. Keep in mind that not all recipients of alimony and spousal support in San Antonio, TX are permanent and may have stipulations which are better interpreted by an experienced and cheap family law attorney. Emergency alimony or spousal support may be asked for by the courts when applicable. No matter what your family law needs are you will find a cheap family lawyer in San Antonio, TX here.

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