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Cheap patent lawyer and cheap trademark attorney in Nashville TN has affordable patent and trademark lawyer fees to protect your rights 615-278-9447.  We have an experienced and cheap patent lawyer in Nashville, TN that can help you protect your invention while allowing you to get it done with affordable and cheap patent attorney fees in Nashville. A US patent is issued by the United State Patent and Trademark Office and the process is can be very specific, meaning that filing for a patent can be a lot more difficult than submitting a few forms. There are three types of US patents and they are a utility patent, design patent and a plant patent. The two main types of patents are the utility patent and design patent. Utility patent is more common and can provide more protection to the inventor over design patent. Some individuals and/or companies will opt to file for both a design patent and utility patent depending on their goals.


1 Utility Patent

The most common type of patent is a Utility Patent and this patent is given to someone who invents or discovers a new or useful process and offers a broader protection for the inventor and making it more difficult for competitors to compete via patent infringement rights.
The utility patent takes longer to receive a patent, typically between 2 to 3 years and cost more than a design.


2 Design Patent

A design patents can be given to someone who invents a new, original, and ornamental design and typically to be obtained within one to two years of applicable. The design patent is a quicker process and less expensive than utility patent. A design patent may be a little more difficult to protect variations of the product that may be easier to protect under utility patent.


3 Plant patent

A Plant patent can be given to someone who invents or discovers and asexually reproduces any distinct and new variety or species of plant when applicable.

Regardless of what type of patent you are looking for you will want an experienced patent lawyer in Nashville who will provide you with affordable and cheap patent attorney patent lawyer fees in Nashville, TN.


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