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Cheap tax lawyer fees with years of experience is important when looking for an affordable tax lawyer 800-234-1345. One of our cheap tax attorneys will tell you that the IRS’s automated collection system will send you computer generated letters when you owe money for your back taxes. It is possible that you could additional penalties and fees as time passes and the IRS locks onto your tax issues. IRS letters will usually continue for several months or until any deadline given has come and gone. If you ignore the IRS about the obligation you will find yourself with fewer options to fix your IRS tax problems.  One of our cheap tax attorneys are here to fight for your rights and work to reduce or eliminate your debts when applicable. The tax code can be very complicated and our experienced tax lawyer provide cheap IRS tax lawyer fees to help. If the obligation is not paid within several months, the IRS may even send you a Notice of Intent to Levy. This is the IRS’s last warning before it begins to take more aggressive collection action. Although the IRS wants the taxpayer to pay his or her obligation, it may still accept offers in compromise or payment arrangements even after issuing a notice of intent to levy. This is the time you will want an affordable tax lawyer with cheap tax lawyer fees. If you know your taxes are not in compliance you may want to talk to one of our experienced and cheap IRS tax relief attorneys before you receive IRS Tax letters

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