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Cheap Tax Lawyers in Fort Worth, TX handles IRS tax audits with affordable and cheap IRS tax relief attorney fees in Fort Worth, TX 817-439-7688.  Cheap tax lawyers in Fort Worth, TX with years of experience it what you need if you are visiting our Fort Worth tax lawyer site.  If you or your business is facing legal action from the Internal Revenue Service because of unpaid taxes, the future may seem uncertain and frightening. The IRS wields an immense amount of power that enables it to pursue delinquent taxpayers. The sooner you enlist a cheap Fort Worth tax attorney to help you, the more likely it is that you will be able to keep your home, your business, and other property.


Affordable and Cheap Fort Worth Tax Attorney Assists with IRS Tax Problems

When an individual becomes delinquent in paying his or her personal income taxes, the IRS can take swift and decisive action to take possession of the assets of the taxpayer. This can include:

  • Seizing bank accounts: The IRS can obtain court orders authorizing it to seize or “freeze” the taxpayer’s bank accounts. This can occur without prior notification or warning to the taxpayer. When the IRS has frozen or seized your bank account, you will be unable to use the account or withdraw funds from the account for any reason. Any funds that may have been in the account at the time of the seizure will be unavailable for use.
  • Levy Home: The IRS is also able to seize a taxpayer’s home or other real property and assets as a means of paying the delinquent tax debt. There are specific procedures that the IRS must follow in order to seize or levy the taxpayer’s home; however, it can be time-consuming to undo a levy action once it occurs.
  • Garnishments: The IRS may also issue a garnishment order directing individuals and entities that owe you money to direct a portion of the monies owed to the IRS to satisfy your unpaid obligation. This includes future tax refunds that you may be owed from the state or federal government.


Cheap Businesses Tax Lawyer in Fort Worth with Affordable Tax Attorney Fees

Businesses and business owners, too, can find themselves on the receiving end of the IRS’s collection efforts. When businesses fail to pay their tax obligations on time, the IRS is prone to taking aggressive measures to collect the taxes owed by the business. They can do this by:

  • Seizing assets belonging to the business: This would include the business’s assets and inventory, effectively shutting the business down. When the IRS takes this measure, it does not necessarily need to provide much “if any” advance warning to the business owner before taking the business’s property and assets. In some cases, the only “warning” you would receive would be arriving at your business and seeing a notice from the IRS along with a padlock on your business’s doors.
  • Seizing business bank accounts: Like with individual tax debtors, the IRS can also seize bank accounts belonging to the business and prevent the business from accessing funds to meet its expenses, including paying its employees. Like with other business assets, the IRS need not provide the business owner with any advance notice of its intention, and oftentimes the only “notice” that business owners receive is when they attempt to withdraw funds from their business account and are told no funds are available.


Hiring a Cheap Fort Worth Tax Attorney is Crucial

Many of the enforcement actions the IRS takes against individuals and businesses are taken only after the IRS makes repeated attempts to establish contact with the taxpayer and reach a mutually-agreeable resolution to the taxpayer’s debt. Thus, the sooner you retain the services of one of our affordable Fort Worth tax lawyers, the more successful your tax attorney will be in helping you avoid the IRS’s collection actions. Call 817-439-7688 today to speak to an affordable and cheap tax lawyer in Fort Worth, TX.