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Cheap Tax Lawyers in Nashville, TN handles IRS tax audits with affordable and cheap IRS tax relief attorney fees in Nashville, TN 615-278-9447.  When you need help with the IRS you want a cheap tax lawyer in Nashville, TN with affordable IRS Tax Relief Lawyer fees. If you are delinquent in paying state or federal taxes, you likely do not have many assets or resources available to help you resolve your delinquency. Hiring an Nashville tax attorney that is effective and skilled and resolving your tax debts may seem like an expense you cannot afford. However, with our low cost, affordable and cheap tax attorney fees in Nashville, you are able to obtain experienced and knowledgeable legal assistance to help you resolve your tax problems, even if the Internal Revenue Service has begun taking enforcement action against you.


IRS Enforcement Actions Against Nashville Individuals

The IRS collection machine is truly frightening for individuals. The IRS can take a variety of collection actions against individuals, often without any prior notice or court order. The IRS begins its collection action against an individual by sending the individual a series of notices indicating that there is a delinquent tax obligation and demanding payment. When these efforts fail, the IRS may send notice of its intent to levy the property and assets of the individual to satisfy the delinquent tax obligation. After this notice is sent, the IRS may choose to:

  • Seize the taxpayer’s bank accounts, which results in the account being unusable and any funds in the account being turned over to the IRS;
  • Levy the taxpayer’s home or other property, giving the IRS the opportunity to sell the home or other asset to satisfy the tax obligation; and/or
  • Garnish the wages of the taxpayer requiring any payor of the taxpayer to remit portions of what is owed to the taxpayer to the IRS. The IRS can demand this of anyone who gave the taxpayer a W-2 form or 1099 form.

IRS Enforcement Actions Against Nashville Businesses

Many of the same collection tools available to the IRS when dealing with individuals are available to the IRS when it deals with Nashville businesses that have not paid their taxes. As with individuals, the IRS will usually begin its collection efforts with a series of letters and/or phone calls to the business owner indicating that taxes are due and requesting that the business contact the IRS to make acceptable arrangements. If several months pass and there has been no communication with the business, the IRS may decide that more aggressive actions are necessary.

The IRS can seize the bank accounts of the business in much the same way as they can with individuals. This can be especially unsettling to a business and its employees if the seizure prevents the employer from paying his or her employees for their work. Or the business owner may find that the business’s property and inventory has been seized when he or she arrives to work to find a notice from the IRS posted in the window and a padlock on the doors. A business owner in such a predicament must usually either pay the tax obligation owed or make suitable arrangements with the IRS to resolve the tax obligation.


Turn to an Affordable but Effective Nashville Tax Attorney for Help

The longer you delay dealing with the IRS and your delinquent tax obligation, the more likely it is that the IRS will take aggressive measures to collect the delinquent tax from you. Our inexpensive Nashville tax attorneys are ready and able to assist you with your tax problems and help keep the IRS from taking your bank accounts, your assets, and your home or business. Do not delay: Contact our affordable Nashville tax lawyers today for assistance with your personal or business tax problem. Looking for a patent lawyer? Our patent lawyers in Nashville TN are here to ensure your legal matters are handled with care.