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Best attorney leads are affordable attorney leads, don’t pay for expensive attorney PPC services that can have little or no success 800-234-1345.   We provide cheap lawyer leads and marketing services with a first page Google ranking website for people looking for affordable and cheap lawyer fees. We recognize that the analytics and economic climate of the legal industry is changing. Law firms who want to stay competitive must change with the market trends also. If you’re a lawyer who provides cheap lawyer fees between $100 – $175 per hour to help people and you’re looking for a lawyer marketing solution for your law firm, we have a new and powerful marketing program.  With affordable attorney leads or cheap lawyer leads  we can help increase your client base by tapping into the ever-growing budget savvy internet user. Our organic lawyer marketing program allows you to do what you do best as a lawyer and allows us to do what we do best as a lawyer marketing service. You let us worry about the marketing and you worry about your day to day law practice. Some State Bars consider us a Lawyer Referral Service while others a Lawyer Advertising Service. You want affordable and cheap lawyer leads and we can help. The best lawyer leads are cheap lawyer leads and no lawyer wants to over pay for marketing when we have a solution that works.


Lawyers Qualifications to Participate:

  1. Lawyer fees between $100 – $175 per hour
  2. In good standing with the State Bar
  3. The ability to contact a potential client inquires within the same day when possible


Option 1     FREE TRIAL – Limited Availability & Duration | No Contract or Credit Card Needed

Option 2     Paid for Lawyer Website Marketing starting from but not limited to $300-$500 Month to Month 

Option 3    TV Commercials and Website Marketing from $2,000 with 6 Month Short-Term Agreement (sign-up)

Note: Because only one law firm can pick an exclusive city location and practice area of law, availability is extremely limited. Law firms participating in Option 2 will have first right of refusal for Option 2 when we launch TV commercials. We will be accepting applications for future consideration should a city and practice area be presently taken. 


Lawyer Sign-Up

Affordable Attorney Leads with Cheap Lawyer Fees Marketing

Every lawyer wants the best and most affordable attorney leads that without paying for clicks when you would rather pay for a calling. We have spent 10’s of thousands of dollars a year over the last few years developing Cheap Lawyer Fees marketing program to help the public 800-234-1345. Our background developing lawyer website and SEO services for local law firms has been a success story. We wanted to expand the concept on a national scale to expose Americans to experienced lawyers who provide cheap  lawyer fees and that’s why Cheap Lawyer Fees was created. Many law firms will also benefit from the use of this new and long over-due marketing program. There are many very good and experienced lawyers with cheap lawyer fees who chose the legal profession to make a good living while fighting for people’s rights. Our lawyers show they care by offering cheap lawyer fees and are normally impossible to find if not for our new and unique marketing program. Some states consider our marketing service as a lawyer referral service although we a lawyer marketing service for individual lawyers. Receiving a call and getting a name and phone number is much better to pay for than paying for a click and that’s what makes our attorney lead generation program the best affordable attorney lead service.

Remember, when people need legal help they want “experienced lawyers with cheap lawyer fees”


 Get on-board for Website Marketing $300-$500 Month to Month | First Right of Refusal for TV Commercial Launch

The estimated launch date for our TV Commercial marketing program is based on lawyer participation. The website is ready to be found but it will be vastly enhanced when accompanied by a smart and comprehensive TV Commercial promoting the website. Law firms may take advantage of a $300 – $500 month to month website marketing program for potential clients looking for cheap lawyer fees. in there city and practice area of law. By being a part of our service it also allows the law firm the first right of refusal for the exclusive practice area of law for their City at the time of our TV commercial launch. We only ask that a law firm give us a 30 day notice should they not want to participate in advertising with us. The $300 – $500 monthly advertising and marketing fee will give a law firm a website marketing space with Cheap Lawyer Fees and give them the first right of refusal for TV commercial marketing program. Keep in mind that law firms receiving a higher call volume monthly are subject to an increase in monthly fees which will be negotiated when applicable to mutually benefit all parties return on investment. We do offer State wide marketing coverage for an additional cost.

There is only one exclusive marketing spot per practice area of law in any given US city so call today.


What Cheap Lawyer Fees TV & Website Marketing Program Offers for $2,000

  1. First page ranking on Google search results for cheap lawyer fees
  2. Launching TV Commercials with no production or additional costs to your firm.
  3. We offer a cheap monthly fee of $2,000 which includes TV Commercial and Website Marketing. Additional costs for State wide advertising.
  4. We get more purchasing power than any one law firm can do on their own.
  5. We offer a short-term marketing program of six months, with no long-term contracts unless wanted and mutually agreed upon.
  6. We offer exclusive city/geo and practice area of law for your firm (No more being one of 20 or more lawyers listed on the same advertisement).
  7. We will launch a marketing program in your city if not currently present.
  8. Free for the public to search without creating an account.
  9. Limited spot, not spots available in each city and practice area of law.
  10. Affordable lawyer leads and cheap lawyer leads for less, which is why we offer the best affordable attorney leads program vs ppc programs.


 Notification of Launch and Payment

Your law firm will be notified 2-3 weeks prior to launch and will be asked to pay the first and last month of marketing fees equal to $4,000 to ensure advertising placement. Your first scheduled payment of $2,000 will be due 30 days after the first payment.

Law firms who continue advertising with us will simply continue paying and automatically renewing another 6-month agreement cycle if not notified differently. Law firms who want to establish a longer-term relationship may do so if mutually agreed upon in writing. Six months is a very short commitment but long enough for you to evaluate our service.


Cancellation / TV Commercial Marketing

In order to discontinue our service, you need to cancel via email and verified by a phone within 30 days prior to the end of the 6-month advertising agreement. There are no refunds and advertising results can vary from one market to another with no guarantees.

Small Markets with less than 50,000 populations

We can negotiate the number of practice areas and/or pricing to stimulate a positive return on investment (ROI) to build a potential relationship between your firm and our marketing service. Our unique website and TV marketing strategy will allow you to obtain clients for a fraction of the cost other law firms spend on TV commercials, if they even have the means to afford a TV campaign at all.

We are a lawyer marketing service for lawyers to find the best affordable leads and cheap attorney leads vs PPC.


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