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Cheap Lawyer Marketing Service providing high page ranking without expensive PPC for affordable and cheap attorney leads organically 800-234-1345.  We offer an affordable and cheap lawyer website marketing service featuring lawyers who offer affordable and cheap lawyer fees to the public. Why spend thousands upfront and every month on trying to optimize your website when you can spend hundred a month to get potential clients advertising with our plug and play service? Many attorney SEO marketing services promise results with little or no results after spending thousands of dollars. We offer the best lawyer marketing service for your ROI with no long time contact. Every lawyer wants attorney leads without paying for an expensive PPC or Pay Per Click program. We can help you achieve the balance of ROI and marketing that will organically provide you with a more cheap lawyer lead. Attorney leads are now and always will be necessary for law firms and attorneys to stay alive. We can keep your cost to obtain a lawyer lead low while providing quality cheap attorney leads over an expensive an often unproductive PPC program.

If you’re looking for a cheap lawyer marketing solution for your law firm, we have a new and very powerful lawyer website marketing platform.  Allow us to help increase your client base by tapping into the ever-growing budget savvy internet user. Our organic lawyer marketing program allows you to do what you do best as a lawyer and allows us to do what we do best as a lawyer marketing service. You let us worry about the marketing and you worry about your day to day law practice.

We recognize that the analytics and economic climate of the legal industry is changing. Law firms who want to stay competitive must change with the market trends also.
Today’s consumer wants experienced and professional legal representation without feeling like they are being overcharged to support the attorneys lavish office and lifestyle.
Unlike many other law firms our lawyers keep their overhead and expenses under control so that they may provide affordable and cheap attorney fees to serve their clients.


1. Great Page ranking on Google search results.
2. We offer an affordable and cheap monthly fees.
3. We are a month to month leasing program, with no long-term contracts.
4. We offer exclusive City and practice area of law for your law firm.
5. We provide 24/7 answering service for initial calls at no extra cost.
6. We are open to adding your law firm in your City if not currently present.
7. Free for the public to search without creating an account.



Pricing for one practice area of law within a city starts from $500 a month depending on the market and practice area.  The areas of practice within a city are exclusive to one law firm. We provide a month to month service plan with a $100 set up fee per practice area. We only ask for a 30 day cancellation notice with no long term commitment.

Because we provide an exclusive attorney website marketing program, your City and practice area of law may not be available if you wait. We respectfully request that only law firms with affordable attorney and lawyer fees contact us for our services at 800-234-1345.

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If we are not in your local city yet contact us to build and launch a website specific to your practice area of law if your law firm provides affordable and cheap attorney fees to the public. Building a lawyer website can cost Attorneys thousands of dollars to launch and hundreds of dollars a month for Attorney website SEO with no guarantee to ever rank on the first 10 pages of a search result. We can help you with your Attorney Website Marketing and make it affordable for you to communicate to your internet clients.