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Best Attorney Leads are Affordable Attorney Leads

Best attorney leads are affordable attorney leads, don’t pay for expensive attorney PPC services that can have little or no success 800-234-1345.   We provide affordable lawyer leads and marketing services for lawyers who provide affordable and cheap lawyer fees. We recognize that the analytics and economic climate of the legal industry is changing. Law firms who want to stay competitive must change with the market trends also. If you’re a lawyer who provides cheap lawyer fees of $100/hr, $125/hr, $150/hr, $175/hr, $200/hr to help people and you’re looking for a lawyer marketing solution for your law firm, we have a new and powerful marketing program.  With affordable lawyer leads or cheap lawyer leads we can help increase your client base by tapping into the ever-growing budget savvy internet user. Our organic lawyer marketing program allows you to do what you do best as a lawyer and allows us to do what we do best as a lawyer marketing service. You let us worry about the marketing and you worry about your day to day law practice.  The best lawyer leads are affordable lawyer leads and no lawyer wants to over pay for marketing when we have a solution that works.

We market for lawyers with:

  1. Cheap Lawyer fees between $100 per hour to $200 per hour or Affordable Flat Fees
  2. Lawyers in Good standing with the State Bar
  3. The ability to contact a potential client back within the same day or sooner

Web Marketing Price:   Affordable Lawyer Web Page Marketing from but not limited to $350-$500 per month.

Note: Only one law firm per practice area per city, we do reserve the right to add another firm for the purpose of potential conflict. 

Contact us to see how you can allow us to help you with receiving affordable lawyer marketing and affordable lawyer leads with your own lawyer web page 800-234-1345.

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